Do things take more time to be completed successfully? An observation from a wall quote.

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By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

I recently came across a quote on the wall. It read, ‘All tasks take more time to complete than planned’. Looking at it, and discussing about it with the person who was having it, yes I could clearly understand based on the constraints he had professionally, it did hold a lot of logic.Lot of logic as to ensure that, people who are involved in various projects work through with patience and be persistent till the result is achieved.

And at the same time, I too have a perspective regards the same. And what is it about. I call it as AAEF principle. AAEF stands for (I constructed this principle as I wrote this post) Awareness, Attention, Effort, Follow-through.

The awareness level at which we intent to achieve something and the awareness level at which we have to execute it are actually growing in nature. With the latter being slightly at a higher level than the former. And the key over here to get to know, what really is needed to achieve the goal. A lot of dreams or success are not achieved because of conflicts with awareness especially as in to the following three points and also at times to the final result which we may want.

Attention to the right details. Attention, even if not everything, is a lot of thing. And I am saying this in the way as for where you give your attention, your focus goes; and where your focus goes, your energy goes and so does everything else. So, how and where is your attention? If not on the right details and aspects, you may entirely go off target.

Effort. This is also a personal confession both as a person who could see it in my personal and professional growth and also in those around me. A lot of times we just under-estimate the effort that is required to accomplish, a lot way less than what is actually needed. And with failure to having the awareness to achieve the same, a lot of dreams just crashing down. This is the biggest culprit according to me for a lot more successes which get delayed or denied and for a lot more dreams which are ended up being missed for the reason of just not enough action getting executed.

Follow-through. People begin work with enthusiasm and so it is important. And at the same time, there is something even more important. And that is about the concept of follow-through. This is when the initial enthusiasm and sometimes hype has slowed down. This is when you have completed your part and now waiting for the progress or inputs from others. This is when all actions have been taken and you need to be patient for the results to come out. And it is when you know you are in the final stages towards the result and instead of slowing down, you end up investing in a little more energy and effort and just get it done.

So, that is about the AAEF principle and being able to complete it. And with this, I conclude, it is a little more than just time, that is required for things to get completed.

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