What investment safeguard is provided by your miseries and problems? And this way they are your friends rather than problems.

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By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

You may be having some problem or misery in your life which you have been trying to overcome and come what may, there seems to be either no way out or only temporary relief.
And you may either still be searching for a miracle or just accept it as part of your life story and move on.
The answer is, its neither. There is another hidden concept which you need to understand and which will help you to get into a position where you will be able to resolve your problem.
You may actually be having an hidden agenda in your unconscious which you are not aware of. And that may actually be the reason. How?
That hidden agenda may put you in a situation where you may not be able to handle it so easily. Rather this problem that you are currently going through may be easy to handle.

Let me give you an example so that you can understand it better.
Suppose there is an individual who is facing a financial issue and also a family issue. Because of the financial issue, he is facing a lot of problems and having to listen to many taunts and go through difficult situations. And he goes through the same. At the same time, there are family issues beyond measure where people are fighting to be together, and this person in particular is going through a lots of abuses.
When pondered deep, what will this person do if he is not having a financial issue. Will he still be with his family going through the issues and abuses or just choose to distance self from the family drama. That is a tough decision to make, rather it is better to go through the issues of fiannces. And all these drama and conflict happens within the mind more in an unconscious manner.

And that is where the financial problem is actually a investment, a safeguard, againt the bigger conflict concerning the family issue.

And like this, a lot many issues in our life stay with us as unconscious investments and safeguards to protect us from deeper perils of having to choose.

The moment we are ready to choose and assume responsibility, a lot of our problems can get resolved quickly. How about you?

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