Who holds the remote for your inspiration and motivation?

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By Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N

Most a people look forward for inspiration and motivation to lead their everyday life, and in such a way, the control of their life is always with others. And I am sure you are a person who is better, or, who wants to be better. And if you want to be, read on.

When we keep on looking for others for motivation and inspiration, without their input, we may not be able to achieve much. And as such the remote of our life is in the hands of others and they determine our growth.

And it is time now to take the remote back and get in-charge with your life. For that, you need to identify and become aware and act upon all those things which can act as motivating factor for you and your growth. And you should take it as a responsibility to execute the same without waiting for someone else to come and motivate you.

And this is the way you can ensure that you are inspired and motivated to be at a better state by yourself and lead your life in a positive flow.

So, what are the top actions that you can do by yourself to ensure you are inspired and motivated on your own?
Which of those actions can you act upon right away?

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